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Safety Tips



We all enjoy our walking but we should always be safety conscious and never take unnecessary risks. As Tour Operators organising quality Walking Holidays, we are ever mindful of the safety of our Walkers.

We are lucky in that we can walk all year round in Ireland – all that changes really are the clothes we wear and the appearance of the countryside through the seasons….

“From the generally drier ground and great life in the countryside of the Summer, to the falling leaves and changing colours of Autumn, to the clear frosty air and maybe light snowfall of Winter and back again to the new growth and emerging life of Spring”.

Check the weather forecast and make your plans accordingly. You will get an up to date regional weather forecast by dialling 1550 123 852 or check the website

Allow plenty of time for your walk and try to get finished before dark. Remember to add on time for uphill sections and breaks etc. In late Autumn, wintertime and early Spring, remember that it will get dark much earlier in the evening.



You will have read ourYOU WILL NEED
page and we cannot stresss enough the
 importance of comfortable walking boots
with good ankle support and a rugged sole.
We also urge you to wear comfortable clothing.
Denim Jeans and Rain Cape are not suitable for walking.

View of Scariff Bay from Cappabane, Scariff


Lough Derg

Always have your mobile phone( one that works in Ireland ) with you
but be aware that network coverage
 may be poor in certain areas.
 Irelands mobile phone system
is a digital GSM 900 system.
Make sure you have the emergency
 telephone numbers with you.
When walking in a group always
 stay together –don’t ever leave
one person on their own.

Mark your map as you go , keeping track
of your progress along the Way.
Be aware of traffic on all roads –
 it may not be travelling as slow as you
would like it to !
Watch for likely changes in weather conditions –
 if there is any deterioration be ready
to change your plans.
Take time to enjoy yourself –
 have a  food/drink break and admire the beautiful
 scenery all around you.

Take a few photographs !

View of Countryside around Lough Graney

Lough Graney, Caher

Lough Graney

Rock Tree, Tuamgraney



What should I do if I get lost ?
Don’t Panic !!
Stop, have a drink and something to eat,
and try to remember the last marker
 post you saw.
Check the map and try to estimate where
you should be, considering the length of
time you have been walking.

Have a look around and see can
 you identify any features or landmarks etc.

You may have bypassed a marker post or there
 could be one missing.

Try to decide where you might have gone wrong
and if needs be, retrace your steps back
to the last marker you saw.
Get to a definite point that you know is on
 the route and proceed from there.

If you still feel you are lost look
 for a road or track that may also get you
 back on the Way
or back to a point that you can identify on the guide map.
If all else fails, telephone Derek from your tour operators  
 at + 353 (0) 87 2686708.


In the event of a more serious emergency or accident
You can call the Mountain Rescue Service.
Phone 999 or 112 and ask for Mountain Rescue.

Mountain Rescue is a voluntary service and should only be contacted in a genuine emergency If you need to send people to phone for help, make sure they can find their way and give details of the group's location and the nature of any injuries.Treat any injuries to the best of your ability and make the casualty as warm and comfortable as possible.
NB: Ensure the other members of the group are also safe and comfortable as it may take a number of hours for help to arrive.

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