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What is a Waymarked Way walking trail ?

It is an established walking route which is suitable
for walkers of all ages and abilities.
It doesn’t usually require serious stamina, difficult
navigation or climbing ability and doesn’t rise
above 300m altitude on too many occasions.
Most of our walking trips take place on the
East Clare Way,which is a Waymarked Way Walk.

While walking on a Waymarked
Way Walk or Loop Walk,
am I trespassing on private property ?

No. All Ways and Loop Walks have been
developed with the support of the
landowners along the way.

How fit do I need to be ?

The walks here in East Clare were
developed with reasonably fit
people in mind.
The golden rule is to take your time,
walk at a comfortable pace and
enjoy the countryside around you.

Does Ireland have “Right To Roam”
legislation, as in the UK ?


Will I need to be able to read walking maps  ?

Basic map reading skills are recommended.



Sunshine on Raheen Wood Walk,Tuamgraney

Stream in Raheen Wood


Broadford Valley

O'Garney River,Broadford

Doon Lake, Broadford




Will I need a compass if taking part
in one of your walking trips ?

No -  most of  the walks are on lower
ground where visibility is mainly good –
but bring one along if you have one,
just to practice using it.

Is The East Clare Way  suitable
for long distance walkers only ?

Definitely not. You walk as much
or as little as you are able to do,
and at your own pace ,too.

How far should I try to walk in one day ?

As a rough guide allow 1 hour for every 3km.
Obviously, it also depends on your level of
fitness and experience and the type of terrain
you are walking on.

Will I have to buy walking maps and guides?

No. We will provide them.

Can I start my holiday anytime,
on any day of the week?

Yes. Whenever suits yourself!


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